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Cubeti reduces your time spent on customer service on eBay by an average of 40%. (As per user data)

Save countless hours of your time.


1. Intelligent Automated Ticket Creation with timeline

No more scrolling and looking through messages on eBay.

Automatic Threading.

Quick Response


Order Mapping | Track Progress with Status Allotment

All your messages are mapped to orders by the system. No more looking for corresponding order on eBay.

Color coding for faster processing

Scans all orders. 1 Click Order View

Dynamic Status to track progress


Auto Responder - Let it do the job for you

Set rules based on subject content, message content, label data OR use a combination!

And the system replies on your behalf.

150,000+ auto responses sent by system.

Effective and Reliable


Setup your team with unique login

Your team can take care of the work on behalf of you. No login to eBay required.

Track progres as they move ahead

Assign team member. Request help for disputes from team members by adding them to ticket.

Unique Email and Password

Work as a team.


Multiple Store Ready

Handle all your eBay accounts through one single interface.

Switch betweeen your stores in 2 seconds.

Connect upto 15 eBay stores with one login.

1 Click Store Switch. No eBay login required.


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Simple and Affordable Pricing


per user/month

  • 1 eBay source
  • Upto 15 incoming messages/day
  • Unlimited outgoing messages
  • All features


per user/month

  • Upto 2 eBay sources
  • Unlimited tickets and messages
  • All features


per user/month

  • Upto 8 eBay sources
  • Unlimited tickets and messages
  • All features


per user/month

  • Upto 15 eBay sources
  • Unlimited tickets and messages
  • All features

7 Day Free Trial - All Features

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